‘Mad Men’ Will Make Do With January Jones And Her Baby Bump

It’s too bad January Jones wasn’t preggers during season three of Mad Men, because that would have been super-convenient for the storyline.  No matter, because the show’s creator Matthew Weiner will find a way to make it work, according to the Huffington Post.  Jones will give birth in the fall, smack-dab in the middle of taping for season five, premiering in early 2012.  Weiner, who is known to be a control freak, won’t reveal any details on Betty Draper or any other character on the show.  Even Jon Hamm doesn’t get a glimpse of scripts ahead of time.  “The way Matthew writes the show is very organically. He starts when he starts and eventually there are scripts but I certainly haven’t seen them,” Ham told the BBC.

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Weiner told E! Online that he has to do something about that bump, but he’s not telling what.  “It could be laundry baskets or it could be a body double. There are a million things you can do,” he explained.  Jones announced in April that she is pregnant with her first child, but still has not revealed the father’s identity.  She made her way to a yoga class in Studio City yesterday, a routine she’s been keeping up since making the big announcement.