‘Mad Men’ Star January Jones Takes Baby On Outing, Still No Word On Baby Daddy

Mad Men star January Jones was spotted out and about with her brand-spanking new babyXander Jones. The twosome visited the doctor’s office and also paid a visit to one of January’s friends. I’m assuming it’s January’s friend as Xander is small and not likely to have them yet.

I can’t wait till Xander grows up and tell us what life was like with January as a mother. According to some of her Mad Men co-stars, namely the one who played her son, January can be quite the female dog. Plus, doesn’t she kind of scare you? She might look nice if you haven’t watched Mad Men, but if you have…scary.

PHOTOS: January Jones Looking Happy & Pregnant

The word still has no idea who Xander’s papa is. According to reports, the sites that obtained a copy of the birth certificate (how does one obtain a copy?) noticed that January conveniently left the name of the father blank. Come on, January! Be a sport!

Maybe if she let us see Xander we could figure it out for ourselves. Also, how is she raising this child on her own? My aunt just had a baby and has help from like a village and it’s still hard. Mad props, Ms. Jones. Although I do suspect a bevy of nannies are somehow involved. Check out the photos of January and Xander and let us know who you think the daddy is in the comments!