‘Mad Men’ Season Finale Recap: ‘In Care Of’ Has Don Draper Finally Getting Honest

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Don Draper’s downward spiral has been played out for awhile, but on this week’s episode of AMC’s Mad Men it came to an ugly head. In the case of Ted, he has been avoiding Peggy ever since Don called him out for having very real feelings for her. Peggy resorts to dressing extremely sexy and going on dates with other men just to make Ted squirm. He shows up at her apartment and they sleep together before he says he will leave his wife, but thinks better of the idea by morning.

Don Draper gets the good idea from Stan about moving to California and running the Sunkist office. He presents the idea to the partners and Megan, who are confused but comply. After a drunken night in the slammer Don realizes that his alcoholism is serious business and wants to get away from it all. The only problem is that Ted Chough also wants to get away from Peggy and his obvious love for her which will break up his family.

Pete Campbell is still dealing with mommy issues. After Manolo takes the old lady on a cruise she ends up overboard and missing on the high seas. Pete suspects that Manolo married his mother and killed her for her money, but there is little to no evidence of the murder. He yells at Bob Benson on their way to Detroit and Bob gets back at him by making him drive a new Chevy in front of the clients which he clearly doesn’t know how to drive. He crashes the car and loses his position with Chevy. He decides he too will be going to California and says goodbye to Trudy and his daughter Tammy.

Roger has angered his daughter by refusing to give her any more money so she uninvited him to Thanksgiving dinner. Joan feels badly for him and has him over for dinner with Bob Benson and her mother, telling him that he is only invited into their mutual child Kevin’s life and not hers.

Don botches a critical meeting with Hershey when after telling a sweet little story about eating the famous confection with his father he then gets the shakes and decides to get honest for possibly the first time in his career. He reveals that he was raised in whorehouse as an orphan and that he would eat Hershey’s after robbing men’s pockets for one of the prostitutes. Hershey’s is confused and the partners are furious, but Don seems satisfied. Roger tells him that he, “shit the bed”.

Don also gives up California for Ted, choosing instead to face his problems in NYC. Megan is furious at Don for chaining their California plans and alludes to their possible divorce. Sally gets suspended from her new boarding school for buying beer with a fake ID and getting drunk. This shakes Don to the core and he immediately goes to pick up the kids. The partners let Don know that he is taking a leave of absence for a few months until he can work his shit out. He is angry, but seems somewhat relieved. Hopefully he will take the time to sort his life out. In the meantime he takes his three kids to see the whorehouse where he grew up which is now an apartment in the ghetto and Sally actually seems to appreciate the gesture of honesty.

Will this latest streak of honesty help Don for good? Will he reveal more and more about himself in the next season? Or will Don Draper go back to his old ways? Let us know what you think.

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