‘Mad Men’ Season 5 Premiere Recap: ‘A Little Kiss’

Christina's Curvy Close Up
Ms. Hendricks Poses For BlackBook Magazine Looking Luscious
That Jon Hamm never stops being sexy and neither do the gaggle of females surrounding him in the season five premiere of AMC’s Mad Men. To sum up last season, Don Draper proposed to his ditzy yet smoking hot secretary Megan after only a couple of ‘dates’. The luscious Joan Holloway was knocked up with Roger Sterling’s baby and Pete Campbell was also about to become a father. 

Now there are even bigger fish to fry. The office is still struggling with clients and money, Pete still has a small man’s complex amongst his new responsibilities as ‘daddy’ and Roger is still a sarcastic ass. Oh and that British dude Mr. Pryce is a creepy sleaze bag. Maybe I’m only attributing that title to him because Jared Harris also plays Professor Moriarty in Sherlock Holmes, but nonetheless the dude is shady.

Mad Men has always addressed controversial topics from the 60’s and now they’re onto civil rights. Finally, we will be getting some great new characters with a little more soul than these stiff white folk. The douche bags in the office next door are throwing water balloons on the protesters and that isn’t going to fly. Later on in the episode the crew opts to hire a colored secretary and I hope she has some attitude.

Joan Holloway (Christina Hendricks) is a new mom with even more juicy curves and enough sass to make sure she keeps her job. For some reason we saw her baby’s naked butt and testes really really close up, closer than ever needed. Her mother is staying with her and hassling her about going back to work, but the office wouldn’t be the same let alone survive without her. She shows up in a fantastic hot pink wiggle dress and every woman immediately shakes with fear in their patent leather heels. You go Joanie!

Poor Megan tries to throw a surprise party for Don’s 40th birthday, which obviously isn’t his real birthday because Dick Whitman rarely comes out to play. It’s an interesting dynamic for Megan to know the truth about Don’s alter ego and it may be the saving grace of their relationship, even though we know Don will cheat on her at some point during this season. From what we’ve seen of Betty & Don’s relationship during their divorce, they might be hooking up again soon. P.S. Where was the lovely January Jones this episode? All we got was a glimpse of her scary looking haunted mansion. And Sally has really matured. It will be exciting to witness her in action this season.

So the party is on and the people to ruin the surprise is Roger and Jane, who argue outside the apartment door when Don shows up after dinner. Roger’s relationship with Jane has never been on stable ground and it’s a real bummer to see it disintegrate before our eyes. Roger tends to influence Don at times and he doesn’t have nice things to say about their young female counterparts these days. Obviously, he is extremely jealous that his girl can’t dance and sing a French Bardot number in a mini skirt looking like Liz Taylor from Cleopatra. We can’t have it all. 

Peggy gets an attitude with Don when he doesn’t back her cheesy bean ballet campaign for Heinz. Boo hoo. Pete wants an office without a support beam blocking the door and so he trades with Harry Crane, who is looking slimmer this season. Harry gets douchey and spreads the sexual harassment in front of Megan after her sexy dance at the party. This is perfect collateral to use against him and Roger does just that in order to make him switch offices. 

Lane Moriarty Pryce finds a wallet in a cab and doesn’t trust the colored driver so he decides to call the hot wife of the owner and hit on her. Unfortunately for him, she is a moral person and sent her rotund mobster husband instead. At the very least Pryce made Joan feel valued this episode and so he somewhat redeems himself for that. 

Megan gets all next level psychological and starts cleaning up the apartment in her skivvies, telling Don that he only gets to watch her from a distance because he doesn’t like gifts or getting nice things. Talk about mind games! It is nice to see Don fall for his own tricks though and you have to respect Megan for using what little power she has to keep Don wrapped around her finger. We got a great side boob shot and a somewhat gross hairy chest and underwear shot of Don, but what else is new? He is a man’s man dammit! Although I don’t think he would fair well in a boxing match against Ernest Hemingway. This season is off to a great start, but I don’t think producers needed two hours to give us all of this introduction.