‘Mad Men’ Recap: ‘To Have And To Hold’ Brings Don & Peggy Face To Face

Jon Hamm & Man's Best Friend
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Just like last week, Don showed another dark side in this episode of AMC’s Mad Men. The killer cache was the secret meeting between Don, Pete, and the Heinz Ketchup brat at Pete’s sleazy Manhattan apartment. The men are trying to pitch and win the ultimate condiment prize, but must keep it on the down low because Heinz baked beans doesn’t want to share his advertising firm with ketchup. They set bearded Stan up in a private room to brainstorm and don’t include Ken Cosgrove because his loyalty lies with beans. What could possibly go wrong?

Harry Crane’s secretary sneaks away from the office for a birthday party and asks Draper’s secretary Dawn to clock out for her at the end of the day. Joan Holloway catches them in the act and fires Crane’s girl, but Harry flips his lid and refuses to let the girl go. Then he storms into a meeting of the partners and insults Joan saying she doesn’t deserve her position, that she earned it in unbecoming ways. True as this may be, Burt and Roger are not impressed and they essentially tell him to bug off. His request for partnership was not granted.

Joan spends time with her Mary Kay selling friend by going to bars, kissing strangers, getting drunk, and having a hung over case of the regrets the next day. Her friend confesses that she visited New York to get a taste of Joan’s life, but realizes it’s not for her. Joan asks why she would envy her and the friend replies that Joan is an executive and has made it on her own. The next day, Joan talks to Dawn the secretary and decides to give her supply closet and time card duties, handing over the Joan Holloway torch and focusing on being a true executive. 

Audiences finally got a glimpse into Dawn’s story, although it didn’t do her much justice. It’s a breath of fresh air that Mad Men is finally giving black characters their due, but they’re going to have to do much better. Hopefully, Dawn becomes a prominent fixture in the storyline and makes for some compelling television. For now, the writers stuck to less than deserving plot points like her sister’s wedding and her row with Joan.

Don, Pete, and Stan pitch to ketchup boy with mixed reviews. And although they paid for the hotel room for the pitch, they meet up in the hallway with none other than Peggy, her boss Ted, and their pitch team. Don realizes that ketchup boy was taking in more than one offer and everyone stands around in a few moments of awkward silence. When the hotel room door shuts and Peggy starts her pitch, Don listens to her with a proud grin on his face acknowledging her prowess as well as lamenting the loss of ketchup and his greatest prodigy Peggy.

Later on, the two teams accidentally meet up again at the local bar where Ted gloats about their new Heinz Ketchup win. Ken barges in to let the guys know that they’ve lost Heinz Baked Beans as a result of their backstabbing. Don insults Ted before walking out and Stan flips off Peggy, letting her know that he feels betrayed that she used their friendship to betray him.

Megan receives her first love scene on her daytime acting gig and decides to let Don know immediately. He isn’t pleased, but agrees to have dinner with the head honcho of the show and his creepy actress wife. Midway through the meal, Don and Megan are propositioned swinger style and respectfully decline. Don later stops by the set while Megan is filming and witnesses her smooching on another man in a style as steamy as Don’s late night escapades with Dr. Rosen’s wife. He is disgusted and makes sure to make Megan feel terribly guilty before running off to meet up with his mistress. When Don does the deed he asks Mrs. Rosen if she prays for him and turns her rosary necklace to hide the cross before plundering his prize. Talk about some messed up hypocritical denial at its finest!