‘Mad Men’ Recap: ‘The Strategy’

Peggy Gets Sexy
Elisabeth Moss Poses For Bello Magazine
Don and Peggy had a romantic moment.

Well, not that type of moment. On the latest episode of AMC’s Mad Men, Don and Peggy reunited as confidants, pals, and slow dancing partners. It’s been awful watching them squabble and this week was a refreshing reminder of why we love their relationship. It was certainly a breath of fresh air after last week’s insanity.

But first, Pete Campbell acted like a douche bag . . . again.

What is up with that guy anyway? He comes to New York with his new realtor girlfriend and visits his daughter. She isn’t psyched on seeing him because he is barely around and she hardly knows him. The girlfriend bought her a barbie, but even that didn’t seem to win the kid over. But Pete is more worried about Trudy being out on the town with an unknown fellow. He is jealous that she’s been dating and demands to know who the guy is. Meanwhile, his blonde realtor mistress is waiting back at the hotel. He is always wanting what he can’t have.

Pete also made it weird for Lou and Peggy by demanding that Don be in on the pitch about Burger Chef. Then he even suggested that Don pitch the entire thing with Peggy as backup. He sort of left the decision up to her, even saying something about her being “as good as any woman in the business”. Really, Pete? She is better than most men. Asshole.

Peggy knows that Don’s a genius and so she does the smart thing, she relents and asks him to help her come up with a better pitch. And he helps her be her best. She does come up with a pitch about Burger Chef’s dining room being like a family room where you can break bread with anyone and it feels like home and family. Brilliant. Pete poo poos the idea, but Don has her back. They’re both at the best when they go to bat for one another. Don closes their night of brain storming by asking Peggy to slow dance. It’s a sweet and sincere moment.

Bob Benson returned this episode to drop the bomb that GM isn’t going with SCDP, but something better will be offered to them later on. Bob will be getting a position with Buick. One of the GM execs is a closeted gay man who calls Bob to bail him out of jail after being caught with a male prostitute. Bob is so worried about this news that he proposes to Joan in desperation because he needs to look normal aka straight and with a family. Joan’s gaydar is on point and she’s seen it all along. She reminds him that it would never work and that she’s willing to hold out for love, even until she dies.

The episode ends with Don, Peggy, and Pete meeting and dining at Burger Chef together where Peggy plans to shoot the ad. If ever there was a dysfunctional family, these three are the one!