‘Mad Men’ Recap: ‘The Runaways’ Gives Viewers The Weirdest Episode Yet

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It isn’t love unless you give her your nipple in a box.

That’s what Ginsberg thought on the latest episode of AMC’s Mad Men. The new computer is making everyone go a little insane. Last week Don got drunk and spouted hate on the tech guy in slurred metaphors, but this week Ginsberg took things to an entirely different level of insanity.

But first, someone finds an odd hand drawn cartoon on the copy machine.

Apparently, Lou thinks he will be the next Bob Dylan, but like, the genius cartoon version. His secretary accidentally leaves the original in the copier and creative immediately starts making fun of it. Unfortunately, Lou overhears their laughs in the restroom and punishes the entire team by making them stay late on Friday to finish work.

Don gets a call from Anna Draper’s niece, Stephanie. Don used to be Dick Whitman and when he assumed Don Draper’s identity, the real wife of Draper embraced him and made him a part of her life. Even though Anna died of cancer, her niece Stephanie still considers Don family and calls him for help from a phone booth in L.A. sporting a seventh months preggo belly.

He sends her to Megan and tells her to wait for him. He will fly in to see her, but Lou makes him stay late and so Megan is stuck with Stephanie for a night by herself. Stephanie is pretty dirty and Megan awkwardly suggests a bath. For the most part, Megan is a sweetie and totally cool with helping Don out. But then Stephanie makes a reference to knowing all of Don’s secrets, which sets off his wife’s insecurities about her own relationship to him and things get icy cold in the kitchen. Megan decides to write the girl a check for $1,000 “no strings attached” and sends her away.

Don is bummed out that Stephanie is gone before he arrives, even though Megan assures him that she attempted to get her to stay. Yeah, right. Megan then throws a party with a bunch of acting buddies and starts dancing provocatively with another man in order to grab Don’s attention. Clearly, Draper doesn’t fit in nor does he care to understand this younger crowd. He is relieved when that douche bag Harry Crane walks in with a mistress. The two go grab some drinks at the local bar and Crane reveals that Don is getting pushed out of the agency.

Don got really pissed off a few seasons ago and wrote an op-ed piece in the New York Times where he demonized the tobacco industry. Now Jim Cutler and Lou Avery are planning to pitch to Phillip Morris, which means that Don will be out. He makes sure to attend that secret meeting, where he promises Phillip Morris that if they come on as a client, he will voluntarily leave the agency. But he also reminds them that he has ten years of tobacco experience and that he knows the industry like no one else. He pulls one of his infamous Don Draper classic, brilliant, fast moves and it leave Jim and Lou’s heads spinning.

Oh and when Don returns back at Megan’s place she decides to push a threesome on him with her friend Amy. Don really isn’t in the mood, but he easily gives in and Megan assumes that since Don has a history with infidelity that this will save their marriage. Hot stuff.

And then there is Betty Draper, who despite all of her insane insecurities and horrible mothering moments, is starting to wake up to the feminine mystique within. After commenting about the war in front of her politician husband’s friends, she is reprimanded for speaking her mind. But she doesn’t give up. She lets her hubby know that she is intelligent and won’t just sit around being told what to do.

It doesn’t help that Sally gets knocked in the face when her and some roommates are goofing around, causing Betty to worry about her perfect nose. Sally throws her mom under the bus, deservedly. But it gets under Betty’s skin, further infuriating her to assert her independence. And all the while poor anxiety ridden Bobby fears that Betty and Henry will divorce like his parents did and requests to run away with Sally.

But the most bizarre aspect of this episode was the impending doom Ginsberg begins to feel shortly before and after the computer is installed. Last week he was upset that his creative lounge was being replaced by the machine, but this week the humming of the machinery literally drove him mad. He goes to Peggy’s apartment to see if working there will be easier. After she falls asleep watching TV, he wakes her insisting that they “reproduce” because the new computer is turning everyone in the office “homo”. He did witness a secret meeting between Jim and Lou by looking through the windows of the computer room, which was patterned after the paranoia of 2001, A Space Odyssey. But the meeting was about Phillip Morris, something he couldn’t hear and only interpreted as sexual.

Peggy tells him to leave and the next day Ginsberg comes back to her office to apologize for his behavior. She forgives him, but then he declares his love for her. She thinks it’s sweet, but doesn’t feel the same way. He gives her a little gift. He tells her the reason for his behavior, “I realized it was the waves of data,” he says. “They were filling me up. I had to find a release.” When she opens the package it is Ginsberg’s nipple, which he has removed as a valve to release all this alleged computer data clogging his brain. Peggy keeps calm and calls the mental hospital to take him away. His last words to his coworkers as he is being strapped to a gurney and wheeled away are, “Get out while you can.”

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By Chelsi Archibald

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