‘Mad Men’ Recap: ‘The Monolith’

Peggy Gets Sexy
Elisabeth Moss Poses For Bello Magazine
That whole no-alcohol-in-the-work-place thing didn’t last long.

On the latest episode of AMC’s Mad Men, Don threw caution to the wind three weeks after getting his job back and being treated like a pee on. The most frustrating thing for the man is that he is relegated to working under his former pupil, Peggy.

Well, that and the fact that he now inhabits the office where a dude hung himself.

Pete Campbell bumps into an old pal from Vicks who is now working for a fast food franchise company called Burger Chef. The team thinks Peggy would be great to ready the presentation and snag their business because she is a woman, but Pete reminds everyone that Don can sell advertising like hot cakes. So in the ultimate act of humiliation, everyone’s least favorite character Lou puts Peggy in charge and lets himself off the hook by making her boss Don around.

Don is pretty flabbergasted when she calls him into her office and demands that he and a partner come up with 25 tag lines by Monday, something Don considers grunt work and clearly below his pay grade.

When Don comes into the office at the beginning of the episode everyone has eerily disappeared and he finds them meeting upstairs. They are putting in a new IBM computer, which will replace the creative lounge and will help Harry Crane with television advertising. It’s clear that everyone finds this intimidating.

Don makes nice and small talks with Lloyd, the guy who owns the company installing the computer. He asks him a few advertising questions and Don gives him some advice. When he sees that the company would be worth investing their time in he runs to Roger’s office, but Sterling is out trying to save his daughter from a hippie commune so Don relegates to Bert Cooper.

Cooper rejects the idea without even giving it a second thought. He focuses on the fact that Don is interacting with potential clients, something he is specifically forbidden from. Don tells Bert to get someone else on it. Bert tells him he is missing the point. Don is a partner and he did start the company, so he is pretty insulted and as a result he steals a brand new bottle of vodka from Roger’s office and proceeds to get plastered.

He drunkenly calls Freddy and asks him to go to a Mets game, but the guy takes him home to pass out instead. Before he leaves Don approaches Lloyd and starts rambling about how he has “many names”. It’s all pretty clandestine, but essentially Lloyd represents distraction and the enemy that keeps getting to Don throughout life.

When he wakes Freddy lectures him and tells him to get in the trenches and prove those bastards wrong. So Don shows up the next day and starts typing out his 25 tags.

Meanwhile, Roger’s daughter Meredith is part of a hippie commune and has abandoned her five-year-old son. Her husband attempts to bring her home, but ends up in jail. Roger and his ex-wife Mona take the trip to the country to retrieve their daughter. Her new name is Marigold. She insults Mona for being a bad mother, which thoroughly angers her and she leaves Roger to clean up the mess.

Roger is pretty open minded and druggy himself so he attempts to coax Meredith back to reality. He takes a tour of the farm, peels potatoes, smokes some weed, and spends the night under the stars in a sleeping bag. But after Meredith sneaks off with a lover to roll in the hay, Roger has had enough and wants her to get her shit together and come back home. Marigold refuses and Roger reminds her about her son, her baby. Meredith reminds her father about his own abandonment of her and assumes that her son will be just fine.

The episode focused mainly on a changing world of unknowns. The idea that technology would change the landscape of human existence and that someone could go to the moon seemed to be on the characters minds.

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