‘Mad Men’ Recap: ‘The Crash’ Has Everyone In The Office Tripping Balls

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Now that Don has had his heart broken yet again, this episode of AMC’s Mad Men showed him attempting to pick up the pieces and deal with his pain. And boy was it trippy! Chevy is really running the new and combined advertising agency through the wringer, even causing Ken Cosgrove to get in a car accident while joy riding with Chevy executives. The gang has a ton of deadlines to meet on this project and are losing sleep.

Don has been hanging outside Sylvia’s maid door smoking cigarettes, so she calls him at work under the guise that she is Dr. Rosen. Jim Cutler gets inspired by the idea of a doctor helping the office out and decides to administer an unknown energy syrup to all the creative people interested. Don gets injected with what one can only assume to be a meth/cocaine super dose and begins tripping major balls.

Ken Cosgrove does an insane jig while Stan and the guys in creative just blather on with random ideas. Peggy deals with this chaos by getting drunk and even has a physical encounter with Stan, although she doesn’t take it past second base. Chough’s man Gleason finally died from his illness and Cutler brings in his hippie dip pie daughter to read everyone’s fortunes. She comes onto Don, but he is too busy reliving his past to fall for that trick and she ends up humping Stan by the end of the night.

Don is flashing back to when he lived in the whorehouse with his stepmother. He is sick, coughing, and being cared for by ‘Mae’ who also gives him the gift of his first time with a lady. When his step mother finds out she is furious and beats him with a wooden spoon. (If this doesn’t describe the warped existence of Don Draper then nothing will.) Due to this flashback, drugged out Don loses sight of the Chevy campaign and becomes fixated on a soup advertisement the company did back in 1958. It turns out to be for oatmeal and when Peggy sees his work she realizes the drug induced weekend has been a complete waste of everyone’s time.

Megan leaves Sally, Bobby, and Gene alone until Don can get home from work because she might be cast in a play. Don doesn’t come home and Sally encounters an unknown african american woman in the house digging around for valuables. She explains that she is Don’s mother from when he was young and even though Sally doesn’t buy it, she goes along with it not knowing what else to do. Turns out the woman was committing robberies in the building. Betty shows up furious and Megan is embarrassed, but when Don finally shows he is burnt out on the drugs and passes out in front of everyone. He calls Sally the next day to apologize and let her know that it was his fault the back door was left unlocked for the unknown woman to enter.

On Monday morning, Don is sobered up and back to his old self. He meets Sylvia in the elevator and even though she speaks to him, they barely exchange three or four words. His flashback during the drugs made him realize a pattern and he is over her now. At the office Ted is flabbergasted at the notes full of gibberish and lack of work accomplished over the weekend by creative. Don tells him to get over it and that he won’t be contributing ideas, but overseeing others’ work. He throws in one last quip before walking out of the office. “Every time we get a car this place turns into a whorehouse.”