‘Mad Men’ Recap: ‘The Better Half’

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Now that Don has gathered himself together he was back to his usual banter versus his nemesis Ted Chough in this episode of AMC’s Mad Men. The two argued over butter and margarine then finally asked Peggy for her opinion.

She tried to stay neutral and didn’t want to choose sides. Don confronts Peggy afterward to ask her what her real opinion is and she still doesn’t budge. She lets him know that at least Ted doesn’t make her feel like garbage over it.

Megan has been shooting new scenes for her soap opera gig, but the director isn’t pleased with her performance. His wife Arlene comes over to visit Megan while Don is away and gives her an interesting surprise. A little kiss on the smoocher. Megan tries to be polite with her rejection, something she has had to do before when Arlene and her hubby offered a swinging opportunity to her and Don. Don however is off galavanting on his own adventure with a woman from his past. 

Don and Betty meet up at Bobby’s summer camp. Bobby teaches them camp songs and they seem like a happy family again. Don and Betty are noticeably ogling one another. Later on that evening, the two share a drink and a smoke outside her hotel room, but end up spending the night together. Betty seems to have moved past their relationship and has no regrets. She is more open than she has ever been and even feels pity for Megan.

The next day Don wakes up alone and goes back to the camp cafe where Betty is with her husband Henry acting happy and having a good time. Don gets super sad again while sitting alone. His escapades are all fun and games when he gets to be in charge, but when the woman is secure and in control he breaks down like a baby.

Ted admits to Peggy that he has feelings for her, but is trying to avoid the situation because they are both with other people. Peggy goes home to find that her boyfriend Abe has been attacked, but won’t press charges on the minorities who hurt him. She feels unsafe in their West side apartment and wants to sell.

Later on, a rock is thrown through their bedroom window and Peggy sleeps on the living room sofa. In the middle of the night she hears people fighting outside the window and Abe sneaks up behind her which frightens her and causes her to stab him with a knife. In the ambulance he admits that she is everything about society he hates and that they should break up. When she goes to tell Ted in the morning he rejects her and brushes her off, as does Don when she turns towards him before he shuts his office door.

Joan has been seeing Bob Benson, even though it seems Pete Campbell is even interested in her lately. Roger Sterling shows up to her house to give their son a gift, but she tells him to leave. At the office Roger tries again but Joan won’t have it. She wants her son to think her rapist ex-husband is his father rather than Roger. Bob helps Pete out with a nurse for his crazy mother and says he’ll keep the situation under wraps.

Don realizes that he has been neglecting Megan and comforts her on the balcony of their Manhattan loft. It’s anyone’s guess how long he will be true to her until the next escapade comes along.