‘Mad Men’ Recap: ‘Mystery Date’ [PHOTOS]

Christina Hendricks Parties Hard
The Luscious Red Head Gets Her Party On In London
Hold the heart attacks, this episode of AMC’s Mad Men threw us for a loop! Don Draper can be pretty terrible and at times severely disappointing, but man the writers really tested our endurance with a heart stopping, mouth dropping, oh-know-he-did-not moment. We’ll get to that later. 

Talk about awkward. Don and Megan’s marriage is constantly being tested by the fact that he has been a man whore for most of his adult life and they keep bumping into his old lovers. You can’t help but feel badly for Megan and honestly, she is dealing with it like a frenchie dancing kiss blowing champ. 

New copy editor Michael is really testing the waters by annoying Don. You can ask Ken or Pete about this defiance being career suicide, especially when the big ad man is sick to death with a cough. But this doesn’t seem to bother the new guy and with any luck, Peggy will be waiting in the wings when he screws up again and swiftly save the day. 

Speaking of Peggy, she was able to screw Roger out of $400 bucks because the man is losing his small amount of power so very fast. First, he paid Harry Crane to switch offices with Pete Campbell, only to be snubbed later on. And now he is forgetting things, like preparing presentations for Mohawk. Good thing Peggy knows her value and makes sure to take advantage. 

Peggy also made a friend in the beautiful new secretary. Rather than let her sleep on Don’s couch in his office, she allows her to stay in her apartment. These are the moments when Peggy really tells a lot about herself, including her reservations about competing in a man’s world. Peggy is often the unsung hero of this series. 

Joan’s douchey rapist husband Greg comes back from the military on a ten day leave and boy does Joan look ravishing. Unfortunately, Greg has some sort of brain deficiency, not realizing he has the most luscious wife of all time and he signs up to go back to the front. Joan handles this like a complete bad ass and gives him the boot. It’s not his kid anyways and Roger isn’t happy with his life either. So hopefully this leads to the awesome duo getting together for good and dominating SCDP. 

Sally is staying with her weird, fat, unpleasant step-grandmother and the woman is not helping her at all. If we complained about Betsy Draper Francis at any point we may be regretting that now. She’s actually a better alternative to this old bag. The woman discusses recent nurse murders with young Sally, wielding a butcher knife and then giving her prescription meds to deal with her fear. This looks ugly and seems to be leading the poor girl down a future of dangerous proportions. Pill addict much?

Don’s former fling shows up at the apartment ready to roll around in the sack again and even though he does everything to prevent this, he is Don Draper and he gives into her advances. When he realizes what he has done he strangles the woman until she dies and then awkwardly pushes her dead corpse under the bed with his feet. It was a complete and total ‘holy shit’ moment. Everyone watching must have re-evaluated where this series is heading and how it would affect things for the future. 

By thank God it was only a bitch ass prank on the audience by the producers and the writers because otherwise most of us would have been permanently scarred. Draper is messed up, but he isn’t that messed up. Overall this episode was one of the best in awhile. It was captivating and characters seemed to face up to many things privately that are often glossed over. Now let’s all take a breather and hope to hell they don’t pull a stunt like that again. Phew!