‘Mad Men’ Recap: ‘Man With A Plan’

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After last week’s bold move by Don Draper and Ted Chough on AMC’s Mad Men, the new guys are moving into the office of SCDP and chaos abounds. Peggy is greeted by Joan and takes over Harry Crane’s old office across the hall. The first meeting with all the partners leaves Pete Campbell without a chair. When Ted’s lady assistant offers hers to Pete he gladly takes it, but Ted gives her his chair and chooses to stand. All the ladies seem to secretly commend this act and it makes Pete look like a d-bag as per usual.

Pete is also dealing with mom problems. She has found her way to his Manhattan sex pad and thinks it belongs to his father. Even though she has pretty bad dementia she does connect the dots that Trudy has kicked Pete out and that he is a slime ball. Because Pete is dealing with his mother he misses a meeting with Mohawk when Don and Ted leave without him. Speaking of the battle of advertising executives…

Don overhears Sylvia and Rosen fighting outside the elevator and later gets a call from his mistress. He meets Sylvia in a hotel room and after they’ve slept together he orders her to crawl on her hands and knees to get his shoes. He then tells her to stay in the room until he returns. She seems weirded out, but oddly turned on. When he gets to the office he orders her to stay there and not answer the phone. Then he sends her a red dress, but instead of taking her to dinner when he gets back he wants her to strip for him. It’s all getting pretty sad and creepy watching Don try to dominate Sylvia.

Because Don is with his lady friend, Ted gets started on the margarine campaign with creative and realizes they have nothing. When Don finally shows up, he tries to make up for his tardiness by getting Ted wasted in his office and spit balling ideas. They come up with nothing and Ted ends up passed out in creative. Peggy is annoyed and tells Don to grow up. Ted sobers up and consults his buddy Frank Gleason who is in the hospital. Gleason tells him to give Don a taste of his own medicine, which he does while flying his private plane to Mohawk with Don sweating to death in fear.

Joan becomes ill and that mysterious dude Bob Benson takes her to the hospital. Then he visits her later to make sure she is okay and brings a gift for her son. Turns out she only had an ovarian cyst, but she repays Bob’s kindness by saving his job during the layoff meeting with the new executives.

When Don gets back from the Mohawk meeting, Sylvia is dressed and ready to leave. He attempts to order her around again, but she tells him that the fun is over and so is their affair. She warned him early on that they shouldn’t fall in love, but it looks like Don was the only sucker in that deal. He instantly goes from domineering douche bag to crying baby in a matter of seconds when he realizes it is truly over. Later on he listens to Megan at home and zones out in his sadness. Don’s only sense of survival is getting things he doesn’t deserve and then taking a human shit on his own life, self sabotaging everything he can in order to stay alone. It’s truly a cluster cuss of psychoanalysis when it comes to Don. At the end of the episode Bobby Kennedy’s shooting occurs and Megan is distraught while Don sits away from the TV contemplating his existence.