‘Mad Men’ Recap: ‘For Immediate Release’ Throws Don A Curve Ball

Jon Hamm & His Dog
Hamm Takes His Best Pal For A Walk, Cleans Up Doo Doo
Although last week’s episode of AMC’s Mad Men was quite sad in nature, this week offered viewers a reprieve of chaos and laughter. Burt, Pete, and Joan meet with a banker to run numbers and are told they can capitalize at $9 a share, which will in effect make Joan a millionaire for her portion of the partnership. Joan and Pete are full of glee, but think Don will not appreciate it.

Roger has his own master plan under the sheets. He is dating a blonde stewardess who is giving him tips on high profile clients and their flights to various cities. Pete is trying to get back into Trudy’s good graces, but she is taking her time forgiving him. He tells her they are about to come into a lot of money and she says she will take that into account. But everything seems to backfire when Pete is least expecting it.

When Don gets into the office Roger informs him that they have a secret meeting with Jaguar and Pete is not invited. Herb the fat dude wants to get back into SCDP’s good graces and have dinner with the spouses. Roger suggests Don brings Megan’s French mother along to be his date. The only problem is that when they show up, Herb’s wife is kind of a ditz and goes on about shopping and her dog’s puppies. Megan’s mother is annoyed and bitches about Herb’s wife in French.

Roger doesn’t show because he gets called by Daisy the stewardess about a lead. When the ladies go to the restroom, Herb comments on Megan’s sexy ass. This is especially creepy because of Joan’s having to sleep with him to secure the Jaguar account in the first place. He tells Don that he wants a kid that does fliers for him to come over to SCDP and make sure he can approve their new Jaguar ads. Don is about sick of Herb telling them what to do and taking advantage of them, so he tells him to screw off. Herb is shocked and says he’ll bring down SCDP.

Megan is trying to impress Don sexually, which is why she dressed skimpy for the dinner. They connect and have sex, then later when he is stressed out she gives him an extra gift down under.

The next day when Pete finds out that Don has lost Jaguar he is furious. He yells at him in front of the entire office until Joan pulls them into the conference room. Meanwhile, this weirdo creep Bob Benson hangs around to listen. He was introduced this season oddly and hangs around often, making me think that he is a spy for another agency or something. Roger comes into the conference room to tell them some good news. Pete tells him that Don lost Jaguar to which Roger says it is no big deal because they are about to pitch to Chevy, an even bigger deal. Joan is furious at Don for throwing the account after having to sleep with Herb and tells Don he is a pile of shit basically.

The team gets really excited for the pitch to Chevy and the creative guys get on it right away. Over at Peggy’s agency, Ted is trying to secure the same account with Chevy, but his main man at creative and partner of the firm has cancer and wants out. Ted becomes distract that his firm is in trouble. Peggy finds him drunk and he kisses her, but she leaves before anything further occurs. She goes home to her new apartment with her boyfriend on the West side, where a lot of immigrants and drug addicts live. He says the area will get nicer but Peggy isn’t so sure.

While Roger and Don are at the airport waiting to go to Detroit to see Chevy, another firm makes fun of them for losing Vick’s. It’s a huge account that Pete secured for them early on through his father-in-law. Confused, Roger calls the office. As it turns out, Pete ran into his father-in-law at a brothel where they both had just finished banging some ladies of the night. Pete assumed the old man wouldn’t say anything because he too was caught in the act, but he was wrong and pulled Vick’s. He tells Pete that he is a terrible person and should stay away from Trudy who is a princess. When Pete tells Trudy about it, she doesn’t believe the news of her father’s infidelity and she tells him to get his things and move out because they are finished.

When Don gets to Detroit he accidentally meets up with Ted in a bar, who realizes that if both of their small firms are trying to pitch to Chevy, it means that neither of them will get the account. Chevy will use their ideas and hire a bigger firm. They confess to each other their prospective pitches and then realize that if they are to combine their efforts Chevy couldn’t refuse them. Ted’s firm and Don’s firm go in on the pitch together and get the account.

When they break the news to Peggy she is in shock. It’s a huge step for both firms, making them one of the top 25 firms in the nation. Peggy will be the youngest and most successful copy writer. And both firms are saved. At this point only Roger and Don know. Peggy and Don seem happy to be working together once again. The men ask Peggy to write up a public announcement and come up with a new company name. Apparently, the gang is signing up for a whole new ball game.