‘Mad Men’ Recap: ‘Field Trip’ Is The Most Awkward Episode Yet

Peggy Gets Sexy
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It was Don Draper’s worst nightmare.

You have to give the man credit. In the latest episode of AMC’s Mad Men, Draper had to come to terms with his truth telling and the consequences were probably the worst thing he could have imagined. Public humiliation.

But first, Don got a call from Alan Silver about Megan’s behavior in Los Angeles. Because Megan isn’t a grown woman, but a child, who needs to be monitored by the grown up men with their big brains.

Because Megan is apparently hysterical, approaching directors and begging for roles, Don flies out to LA to surprise her. But after she realizes why he is really there, she starts berating him about his behavior. He admits that he is on a leave of absence after his truth bomb with Hershey’s and she tells him she wants a divorce. Crap.

This motivates Don so much that he goes straight to a competing agency, gets an offer for employment, marches up to Roger Sterling’s penthouse to show him the offer, and demands to be taken back before he steals away to another job. Roger admits that he has missed him and arranges for them to meet Monday morning.

But Roger doesn’t tell any of the other partners. And he doesn’t show up on time. So Don comes prepared to be welcomed by someone, anyone, and it’s awkward as hell. The creative team is sure happy to see him and he spitballs with them for a while. Peggy is a super bitch about his return, mostly because that means she won’t be the smartest person in the room all the time. Lou freaks out and reminds everyone he has a two year contract. And Joan is still holding that whole you-made-me-have-sex-with-that-gross-fat-ass-guy-from-Jaguar over Don’s head.

The partners can’t get rid of him without buying out his shares of the company and Roger goes to bat for Don, reminding everyone that he is a creative genius. They offer Don his job back under the conditions that he never meet alone with clients, never drinks in the office (how will he survive?!?) and that he starts out serving under Lou in some shitass position. The old Don would tear up the offer, say something glib and clever, and saunter out the door. But this new Don is more humble and he accepts.

Meanwhile, Betty is having lunch with a friend who has been working outside the home three days a week. After making her friend feel like a horrible wife and mother for working, she goes home to check on the nanny/house keeper that is raising her own kids for her. She decides to chaperone Bobby’s field trip to a farm to experience life outside the house. Cute.

They bond on the bus and Betty even drinks fresh milk from the bucket, all of which continually shocks Bobby with glee. But then he makes the mistake of trading her sandwich to a school crush for some candy. A normal adult would see this as a learning lesson and casually find something else to eat, but not Betty. She is the bitchiest mom of all time and she purposefully starves to make Bobby feel badly, lights up a cigarette, and childishly puts her sunglasses on to ignore him for the rest of the day. These kids are going to have so much therapy to get through over the years.

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