‘Mad Men’ Recap: ‘Favors’ Has Poor Sally Walking In On Don’s Dirty Secrets

Hamm Channels Draper
Jon Hamm Films Scenes For The Latest Season Of Mad Men
Last week viewers were able to yet again witness Don Draper tripping major balls on AMC’s Mad Men, but this week delved back into his dark side. Peggy is now single and awkwardly gets thrown next to Pete Campbell’s mother who suffers from dementia. She mistakes Peggy for Trudy and reminds her of the child she and Pete share together. This is especially weird for Peggy, who had an affair with Pete in season one and hid their love child.

Later on, Pete and Peggy accompany Ted for a client meeting and get a little tipsy while drinking. Pete picks up on Peggy and Ted’s relationship, but she lets him know that nothing has come of it. Pete says he has seen that look in Peggy’s eyes before and is glad that she is doing well in her career. He lets her know that he appreciates her because she is the only person who “knows” him. Later on, Peggy asks for help from bearded babe Stan when she finds a rat in her apartment, even offering a booty call in return for his disposal of said vermin but alas, she is denied.

Sally goes to stay with Don because she is attending a Model UN competition for school and Betty doesn’t want her sharing a Midtown hotel room with boys. She brings along a teeny bopper girlfriend and they bump into Dr. Rosen’s young son Mitchell who was recently put at the top of the draft list for Vietnam. The two girls swoon over him, but Megan and Don worry about his fate. Don is especially distraught and sees it as an opportunity to save the day and win back the heart of his lover Sylvia.

At a meeting with Chevy, Don awkwardly brings up the draft and how to get out of it in front of the high profile clients hoping they have any ideas or sway with the government. Everyone is shocked, but tries to move along with the conversation with no success until Ted makes a clever quip which saves the day. Ted is furious with Don for risking the relationship with the company’s biggest client and reams him a new asshole. He tells Don to stop sabotaging and competing. Then he lets him know he will help get Mitchell out of being drafted by talking to a friend from the National Guard who might recruit him as a pilot.

When Don’s calls Sylvia to let her know the good news of Mitchell’s fate she is overwhelmed with gratitude and emotion, even forgetting Don’s overbearing, domineering, and creepy ways. Don goes to ‘comfort’ her and the biggest oops moment occurs. Sally’s girlfriend leaves a love letter to Mitchell on the kitchen counter at the Rosen’s home and Sally borrows the keys from the doorman to pick up the letter before the teenage boy sees it. Unfortunately, she walks in on her father having sex with Mitchell’s mother Sylvia and she is shocked and appalled.

Later that evening when Rosen and Mitchell come to express their gratitude to Megan and Don, teenage Sally realizes that her father did them the huge favor to get back into Sylvia’s pants and is disgusted with him. She runs to her room and locks herself away before Don tries to explain that he was just comforting Mrs. Rosen and that it’s complicated. He is pretty worked up and freaked out now that Sally has seen his true colors, perhaps the first time Don has had anyone from his family know his dirty deeds with a surety.

Another revealing moment for this episode occurred after Pete found out his mother is falling in love with her caretaker and brought Bob Benson into his office to yell at him for such a terrible referral. Bob essentially makes a move on Pete in the subtlest of ways, having their two thighs touch while they share a drink and Bob tells Pete that his mother may just be in love and love is a beautiful thing. Pete brushes off Bob’s advances, but definitely gives it some thought when he gets home that evening, more confused than ever.