‘Mad Men’ Recap: Don & Joanie Get Hardcore Flirty [PHOTOS]

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No office is decorated greater during the holidays than Sterling Cooper Draper Price and we’re not just talking about the ornaments on the tree. Women like the ever luscious and curvy Joan Holloway (Christina Hendricks) grace those hallowed offices and if you catch them at the right time they will wear a red dress like a bow that needs untying. But this year’s Christmas is different. On this week’s episode of AMC’s Mad Men, Joan is getting served.

When her cowardly husband serves her divorce papers Joan freaks out on the receptionist and Don swoops in to take her on a ride in a Jaguar. And men still question why Don Draper (Jon Hamm) brings all the milkshakes to the yard? Puh-lease!

Since day one we’ve all hoped that Don and Joan would just be a thing, for like even a minute or two, but it’s never happened. After test driving a Jaguar, the two get a drink and have one of the best conversations in the history of the series. Why do men want what they can’t have and fail to appreciate what they do have? Don says men don’t know what they want. Look in the mirror buddy! 

And maybe Don was hitting on Joan one last time, just to see if he still has the old talent. But Joan is the most savvy woman you could meet in the 60’s and she doesn’t fall for any tricks. Roger has been trying to win back her affections and has offered to pay her child support for their mutual baby, but she isn’t having it. This woman is queen. Men know it, we know it, and she definitely knows it. God, she is a curvy gift to our television screens.

Also this episode featured the most odd encounter with past ad man Paul Kinsey (Michael Gladis). He is a Hare Krishna now and has given up material things for a greater spiritual path. Harry Crane (Rich Sommer) goes to visit him and ends up chanting for hours. Paul hands him a Star Trek script, which turns out to be terrible and asks if he’ll pass it along.

But Paul’s love interest at the Krishna temple is an ex-prostitute drug addict and she does not want this bald beauty to leave the group. She woos Harry Crane into doing her in his office and then slaps him afterward, lecturing him on the merits of faith, devotion, and friendship. Talk about a female cluster cuss of the mind! Harry gives Paul $500 and tells him to move to L.A. to pursue his writing dreams. How did Harry get so corrupted and disgusting?

Apparently, the British government is on Lane’s ass about taxes and he doesn’t have the cash. He takes out another loan from the bank in SCDP’s name, and then tells the partners that there is a surplus and that they should award everyone bonuses. THe problem is that Mohawk is dealing with a worker’s strike and SCDP doesn’t have the extra money. Lane forges Draper’s signature on his own bonus check and he is sure to be in the deepest of shits sometime later on.

When Don gets home that night, Megan goes ape shit. Not only did he scoff at the ridiculous play that she made him see, but he also didn’t call to let her know where he was and that he would be late for dinner. Whoops. She makes him realize that he used to love his job, but now he is all boring and depressing. Good call Megan.

The next day, Don is all giddy from his perfection with Jaguar and Joanie and drinks, so he waltzes into a meeting with all the employees and tells them to keep a chin up, because this bad ass is back in the game and he is ready to dazzle Jaguar with his good looks and charm. Thank the maker! We’ll soon have back the old Don Draper.