‘Mad Men’ Recap: ‘A Day’s Work’

Chelsi Archibald | April 22, 2014 - 7:00 am

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“Just tell the truth.”

That was the theme of this week’s episode of AMC’s Mad Men. Sally caught her father Don Draper in yet another lie and Peggy’s secretary decided not to tell Peggy the truth just so she wouldn’t hurt her feelings.

And all of this insane drama happened on Valentine’s Day. People really get hopped up on that holiday, don’t they?

First Peggy’s secretary received a gorgeous bouquet of roses from her fiancé and Peggy automatically assumed they were for herself. Shirley is so flabbergasted that she says nothing. She asks her coworker Dawn if she should mention it and Dawn tells her not to rock the boat. It was so nice to see Dawn and Shirley talking and for the audience to learn about their personal lives. We need so much more of this. Peggy thinks that Ted sent the flowers to her and sends a passive aggressive note to him about losing a client. Then he thinks they’ve really lost a client, because he didn’t send her any flowers and has no idea what she is talking about. Oh Peggy!

Dawn has been doing extra work for Mr. Draper by coming by at the end of the day to his Manhattan flat and relaying the day’s events, messages, and even copying documents for him. He is paying her, but she doesn’t feel comfortable about it. She is also serving as Lou’s secretary and Lou is a giant douche bag. He gets mad at her when Don’s daughter Sally shows up and her father isn’t there. Dawn the secretary was out buying Lou’s wife perfume on her own lunch break because this idiot didn’t get her anything himself.

So Lou wants Dawn moved. Joan moves her to reception in the lobby. Then Bert Cooper sees a black woman in the front of the office and subtly freaks out like a super old dude racist. Then Peggy wants Shirley moved because she finds out that she lied to her about the flowers and made her look like an idiot. Clearly, Peggy has some serious insecurity issues regarding Shirley’s engagement. So Joan moves everyone around again.

Jim Cutler notices that Joan is doing two jobs. I love that it took one of these men this long to see that Joan basically runs this whole freaking circus. And he tells her to move to the empty office upstairs and essentially focus on being an accounts woman, because she is already in charge of Avon. So Joan has Dawn replace her as office manager. Hell yes.

Also, Pete got all butt hurt when some hard work he did in California went unnoticed and he wasn’t up to date with shit going on in New York. He bawled to his blonde real estate agent girlfriend (who is way out of his league) and the audience went on not caring about Pete.

Meanwhile, Sally shows up to her father Don’s flat and pretends to know nothing about the fact that he doesn’t work anymore. Then Dawn the secretary calls and lets Don know that Sally just showed up to SCDP. So Don gets mad at her for not telling him that she knew. Yeah Don, it’s totally your teenage daughter’s fault. Moron. She replies with, “It’s more embarrassing for me to catch you in a lie than it is for you to be lying.”

Don realizes he needs to step up as a father and he tries to coax her into talking to him with food and soda, but she won’t budge until he admits that he was put on leave for telling the truth about himself at the wrong time and that he was ashamed. Sally gets that he is keeping this from Megan and asks if he still loves his second wife. And then tells him he should tell Megan he doesn’t want to live in California. When Don tells Sally the truth, they get closer and she opens up. Does this man not learn anything?