‘Mad Men’ Kicks Off Season 7 With A Star Studded Premiere

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You’d think after seven seasons it would be hard to keep fans interested and coming back, but with such a sexy, well-dressed cast it’s no wonder the cast of Mad Men has no trouble at all drawing attention.

The hit show Mad Men recently celebrated their season seven premiere, and the red carpet has never looked so good. The stars of the show showed up for the festivities, all of them dressed to impress, most definitely. 

The outfit I was the most impressed with was worn by young actress Kiernan Shipka, who wore a long-sleeved purple dress with a floral pattern by Nina Ricci. It’s hard to believe that this girl is only fourteen-years-old. I totally thought she was much older. I definitely didn’t dress that well at fourteen – not even close.

I also loved January Jones’ outfit, a dress by Roksanda Ilincic with a black and blue patterned top, black bottom, and gold belt around the middle to tie it all together. She and Kiernan definitely tie for best dressed ladies. Elisabeth Moss also made a strong appearance in an Alexander McQueen black leather pencil dress. Seriously loving these dresses, ladies.

I wasn’t as big a fan of Christina Hendricks’ ensemble. She wore a sequined skirt and a black button down shirt. She looked classy, but overall underwhelming, especially compared to her dazzling costars.

Actor and star Jon Hamm was also in attendance, and I’m sure he was fond of all the well dressed ladies all over the place (although his package was safely tucked away out of view). Overall I’d say it was a successful premiere, and fans can’t wait to see what season seven has in store for these stars!