Macaulay Culkin’s Book Is An Embarassment

Oh dear. The poor thing. Let’s hope that the bad reviews don’t trigger those suicidal thoughts again.
Macaulay Culkin’s new book, Junior, won’t be winning any Pulitzer’s anytime soon.

An exclusive first look at Macaulay Culkin’s ‘Junior,’ in a review to be published in the Feb. 15 issue of Kirkus Reviews:

With Junior, an audaciously empty mishmash of poems, letters, comics, etc., former child star Culkin (of Home Alone fame) has managed to lower the already low bar set for celebrity fiction.

Culkin’s debut novel, to be published on March 15 by Miramax Books, kicks off with a five-question pop quiz meant to weed out any readers not quite up to snuff. Those who fail the quiz, Culkin writes, will not be allowed to go on. Reader, if you know what’s good for you, you will fail the quiz.

The book is essentially comprised of a couple hundred pages of semi-coherent diary entries coupled with a handful of scrawled drawings. The story, insofar as one exists, concerns a child star named Monkey-Monkey Boy and a guy, Junior, with no end of father issues. (People magazine readers will recognize autobiographical elements.)

Makes Ethan Hawke read like Philip Roth.


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