Macaulay Culkin Performed ‘Kokomo’ In London, Weird As Ever

Macaulay Culkin Hides
Clearly, the child star doesn't want his photo taken.
You know that one guy that came out in Home Alonewas boning the hottest woman in the world, and was totally fabulous in Party MonsterYeah, he’s still around.

Macaulay Culkin was spotted gallivanting in London’s Covent Gardenon on April 10, 2013, smoking a cigarette and sporting black nail polish. Well then, that’s odd!

Culkin just so happens to be staying nearby his ex-girlfriend, Mila Kunis, who is in London while she finishes filming a film.

The 32-year old actor hasn’t surfaced much as of lately except for his alleged downward spiral. According to Huffington Post, Culkin may have turned to drugs after his sister died and him and Kunis’ split.

Culkin is said to be in better shape now but nonetheless, still an oddball. Daily Mail reported on Culkin’s $2 million apartment-turned-art studio. Culkin is featured next to his bizarre works of art alongside his friends, wearing blonde wigs. This apartment is worth a field trip and I’m sure just being in the presence of Culkin is a trip…a very strange one.

Along with living in the weird, Culkin was recently spotted and heard screeching in Bristol with his friend Adam Green from the Moldy Peaches. 

What do you think of Culkin’s no longer scruffy face and manicured nails?