Macaulay Culkin May Or May Not Be Addicted To Heroin

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Here’s hoping that recent claims about Macaulay Culkin’s alleged drug use are not true.  The former child star is, according to Radar Online and The National Enquirer “hooked on drugs and it’s killing him!

“He’s been hooked for a year and a half, and his drug of choice is either heroin or oxycodone. Mac is surrounding himself with junkies and lowlifes. It’s a real tragedy.”

“Macaulay Culkin is surely dying. He’s addicted to heroin, oxyco done, Percocet and Vicodin. I have witnessed his drug taking, which has escalated over the past year and a half to the point where he needs serious help.  His closest friends fear that he’ll overdose or his heart will explode. If he doesn’t get help and enter rehab now, he could be dead in six months.”


Culkin posing with a hair dresser before his Food Drive in New York City on February 12th of this year, a drive which he never showed up for.  The drug use has been going on for apparently the past 18 months, made worse by the fact that ex-girlfriend Mila Kunis has moved on with Ashton Kutcher.