Luca Comrie Goes Shopping With Mom, Hilary Duff [PHOTOS]

OMFG are these the cutest photos of little Luca Cruz Comrie?  Mom Hilary Duff took the little guy out while she shopped in Santa Monica Today.  Duff tweeted a photo of two pairs of shoes, needing a little help on which to buy. 

Here’s a spot of news that made SOCIALITE LIFE sit up straight.  It turns out that Ms. Lizzie McGuire is Queen Elizabeth II’s 18th cousin.  According to USA Today (who chatted up the genealogy site,, both Her Majesty and Duff can trace their ancestry back to King Edward III, who fathered lots of kids.

In fact, some historians believe that most modern Britons descend from Edward III (well, it is an island and everyone there seems to be related to one another).  The Queen and husband Prince Philip are third cousins, while the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are 14th cousins once removed through Diana, Princess of Wales and 15th cousins through Prince Charles.  All this descends from…Edward III.

Apparently many Americans can claim relation to the Queen (very, very distantly, albeit), including Brooke Shields, Beyonce, Michael Douglas, Ellen DeGeneres (she’s distantly related to the Duchess of Cambridge) and Alec Baldwin.

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