Love Just Seems to Elude Flavor Flav

August 3rd, 2007 // 6 Comments

Flav’s just a big romantic at heart. Seriously, guys. The man is trying to find himself a long-lasting love to last a lifetime and somehow, every time he gets involved in a reality television competition whose goal it is to do just that, he ends up empty-handed by the time the show’s finale even airs. Flav’s just looking for someone he can share his hopes, dreams and clock collection and with whom he can grow old. I’m totally sure that’s what he’s hoping for every season, and not simply a boatload of new asses to tap. And once again, Flav will find himself staring down a room full of contestants, each eager to win his heart/clock and who are willing to screw a black leprechaun to get it. I’m tearing up, it just all sounds so romantic.

For those lucky gals willing to risk contracting a new and exotic STD, there’s an online voting competition going on, in which prospective contestants can upload videos of themselves in the hopes of getting cast on the show. If you’re bendy, handy with the Vaseline and comfortable in all kinds of spandex, I suggest you hustle and get your video online pronto.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. jannre

    Maybe its the gold grill he always wears, or those humungeous clocks around his neck, or because hes so ugly????

  2. Laurita

    I’d fight those bitches for Flav. I wonder if my boyfriend would be pissed off if I tried out! :D

  3. Joan Durtz

    Now that is a ugly ass man! He looks like his breath stinks.

  4. Persistent Cat

    I’m ashamed to admit I watched Charm School. If anyone needs Charm School, it’s him. He’s vile.

    And Lisa, I throw these words around a lot, mostly to get what I want, usually cuz I’m drunk, but I love you. You are my favourite blogger. Whenever I spit my drink out from laughing, I check the name and I can guarantee it’s you.

  5. Clementines

    His big O loving heart, teeth grills, clock and horney viking helmet belongs to super beauty/beast large bust and sultry looks., Danish Actress and Rocky’s ex..Brigitte Nielsen but she done Foofy Foofy so wrong.. boo hoo

  6. aloe

    Everytime I look at him I throw up in my mouth. He’s disgusting, vulgar and just downright vile. Why are you posting on him? He’s a has-been nasty!

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