Love It, Or Hate It?

November 22nd, 2007 // 25 Comments

Photos: Splash

By Lisa Timmons

  1. S_M_G

    LOVE it!

  2. Loob

    I love the contrast and I love the shoes. If only the little white dress was cuter. It’s a weird, unflattering design.

  3. Loob

    …She has it on backwards, right? :D

  4. DebN

    Hate it! Very unflattering.

  5. DebN

    Hate it! Very unflattering.

  6. whatever

    hate, hate the dress, love, love the shoes

  7. kinkadoo

    she’s pregnant

  8. Logan

    That white strip of material up by her collarbone area has got to go! Then, the suspenders should be made out of some small silver chain, cris-crossing in the back. That would look awesome! I LOVE the shoes and bag………..Great concept, but poorly executed.

  9. sarah

    it’s really unflattering…

    but, is it just me or is there a baby bump goin’ on there?

  10. Harajuku chick

    I love it, I love it, I love it! I’m a fashion-maniac, and in my world, Gwen can do no harm.

    She’s lovely.

  11. James

    Loves it! Especially the shoes!

  12. This is a bit of a desperate look. The shoes are quite allrigh but everything above those high-heels is just made for the maximum of attention. I’m sure, my mum is pretty small and BLOND too, will attract alot of attention in a big city. Although she’s almosr sixty-eight.
    It makes it all a bit cheap. This look just screams: LOOK AT ME: I’M HERE!!!

  13. carolyn

    LOVE IT!!!

  14. tai

    fab… us usual

  15. tai

    fab… us usual

  16. tai

    fab… us usual

  17. Ugh

    Nope. I like the shoes but the dress just makes her look like nothing but shoulders.

  18. T-Bone

    She has great legs here, so the shoes work. But not that fond of the white jumper dress. However, I’ve seen Gwen in far worse ensembles.

  19. Jennifer

    Hate it!

  20. Deborah

    I used to own a jumper just like this — except for the extra strap going across (and that is fug) — when I was 12. I loved it and wore it or another jumper I had (with a teardrop opening at the front) almost exclusively. Again, I was 12. Time to grow up, Gwen.

  21. kharris

    Perfection once again from Gwen! She never misses, she’s just impeccable! So great to see a pop star who has it together.

  22. Puta Face

    Gwen can do no wrong. I LOVE IT! Bitches will be wearing this a year or two from now. Such an avanguarde!!

  23. michie

    I LOVE IT! She looks fantastic. I want this dress.

  24. rdiggity

    def. love it

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