Love and Drugs

August 2nd, 2007 // 32 Comments

Which Sapphic starlet employed her lover as an “assistant” to explain why they always went out together? (Gatecrasher)

This beautiful American movie star was tipped for a glittering career not so long ago but he quickly got more interested in drugs than acting. New York party-goers tell of an extraordinary night when he over-dosed in the middle of the room, while a Saturday Night Live funnyman vomited all around him. The actor was removed by paramedics and the party just carried on. [popbitch]

By Kimberly London

  1. tt


    2) Anna Nicole

  2. tt


    2) Anna Nicole

  3. tt


    2) Anna Nicole

  4. iadoreamore

    number one: Lohan?

    number two: don’t know…

    it says HE on number two…so it’s not anna nicole…

  5. me

    1 – Michelle Rodriguez?
    2 – Jude Law?

  6. jaye

    Michelle R, & the boy from desperate housewives…who went to rehab, i think its jesse mccartney or something?

  7. Mathura

    The first one is easy. It’s Michelle Rodriguez.

    The second isn’t Jesse Metcalf. He went to rehab for alcohol not drugs.

  8. baronism

    (2) is definitely jonathan rhys meyer

  9. tammyv

    Unless jonathan rhys meyer suddenly became an American, it ain’t him. Who was going to be big and then didn’t

  10. Primrose Primadonna

    1. britney? didn’t she have a mystery guy?

    2. Jude Law and Jonathan Rhys Meyers are English and Irish respectively just so you guys know…it said American…what about that kid from The Sixth Sense- he was up and coming and then crashed his car or something.

  11. dorita

    1. says sapphic yall, get a dictionary… brit would fit, so would america/ugly betty

    2. jared leto? some of those varsity blues guys or rules of attraction guys? dunno

  12. jho

    its hayden christiansen??? huge start off point from star wars, then into got way into meth?

  13. rebecca

    #2 is Josh Hartnett with the SNL puke boy being Seth Myers.

  14. Lee

    get a better dictionary, Doritos. Sapphic means lesbian….Michelle Rodriguez is my guess.

  15. Shootingstar

    Doritos. That’s hilarious!

  16. Cougarific

    Hayden Christiansen is Canadian….

  17. Persistent Cat

    Michele Rodriquez has never hidder her lesbianism. I also don’t think it’s Lindsay Lohan, nothing about her is a “blind item” anymore. Oh, but it’s the NY Daily News so maybe it is. It’s only the papers that still try to be polite. But was she always seen with an assistant? Only Britney always seems to be with an assistant but she’s not considered a “starlet.”

    As for #2, my guess was Josh Hartnett. He was set to be the next biggest thing and then he really wasn’t seen from again. He did host SNL once. Who heard that it was Seth Myers? I have a crush on him.

    Actually, I had to get a dictionary for Sapphic and at first I got all this stuff about stanzas and verse and I was way too confused. Then I got to the lesbian part.

    Anyway, what do I win? And should I post this three times?

  18. Xi'An

    #1= Anne Hathaway?

    #2= maybe Wes Bentley (beautiful American= American Beauty)… it was a while ago but he was supposed to be the next great actor and then totally vanished. He even dropped out of Heath Ledger’s role in Monster’s Ball.

  19. yankeeindixi

    1. Queen Latifah (her “personal trainer” goes on vacations and to premieres with her is really her long time girlfriend)


  20. celia

    Queen Latifah is by no means a ‘starlet’ – she’s a bit long in the tooth for that moniker. Blohan is out because Ronson was never her assistant. Which leaves only Shitney and her stream of same-aged and sex ‘assistants’. I guess the Manny is just a beard.

    I agree about Hayden Christensen. He was awesome in ‘Shattered Glass’. Such promise. And he is beautiful.

  21. Persistent Cat

    Again, Hayden is Canadian, not American. Someone mentioned that above.

  22. Jen

    1. jessica simpson? she had an assistant called cacee or something like that who was always with her

    2. don’t think it’s josh hartnett, he did/does have a career. would have to be someone who started out more recently.

  23. jlsgal

    1. Is either anne hathaway or jessica biel.
    2. Josh Hartnett

  24. April

    1. britney – thats why she goes through the assistatns so fast

    2. hartnet

  25. 1. I still think it’s Latifah… they just had a thing about her long-time “assistant” being her lover. The “assistant” when asked if she was seeing someone uncomfortably answered that she was in a serious relationship (ummm, and if it wasn’t with your boss… who would have time for that?)

    2. Clay Aiken

  26. 1. I still think it’s Latifah… they just had a thing about her long-time “assistant” being her lover. The “assistant” when asked if she was seeing someone uncomfortably answered that she was in a serious relationship (ummm, and if it wasn’t with your boss… who would have time for that?)

    2. Josh Henderson

  27. Persistent Cat

    It’s not Britney. She was in one movie, she would’t get labelled a “starlet.”

  28. BBL

    1. Britney Spears
    2. Colin Farrell – he’s never become a big star as expected

    I like the Wes Bentley guess though, but you never really see any pictures of him out partying..but maybe he’s just not a big enough star for them to get published, lol

  29. shell

    It can’t be Michelle Rodriguez. She’s pretty much out – not hiding anything. That said, I have no idea who it is, although I did think of Britney (though she WISHES she were a “starlet”).

  30. insider

    i know #1 refers to he blind item as a female but i know that neil patrick harris had a male assistant who was actually a gay porn star who he was dating

  31. carsick

    Wes Bentley’s IMDB page looks like it might be him.
    Interesting if artsy films then nothing then straight to video type films recently.

  32. supkid????

    Wes Bentley doesn’t even drink. He makes music, and ‘dodged’ A- list life as he puts it. I think he said he quit twice, whatever that means. I live above him, the music is loud, but good.

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