Love This! Seattle Celebrates Halloween ‘Gangnam Style’ [VIDEO]

Coolest Ever!
Halloween 2012 Gangnam Style light show.
Super Gangnam
The Supernatural cast puts their spin on the dance.
Happy Couple
Gangnam Style gets a marital twist!
“Gangnam Style” could easily be put on my list of guilty pleasures. All the publicity it receives both annoys and pleases me. I love watching new parodies that are constantly released. By now, it probably surpassed the amount of “Call Me Maybe” parodies. Carly Rae Jepsen and Psy seriously need to find a way to collaborate.

Everyone (including myself) would definitely love the song and hate themselves for it. The fan-made remix of the two songs, appropriately named “Call Me Gangnam” was brilliant, but I’m waiting for a genuine work of art created between the two.

Fans who are able to do this dance on camera — and in general — gain so much respect from me. I refuse to do this in front of friends or family, never mind when someone is recording me feeling absolutely ridiculous!

I love how people still danced around, even though they clearly had no idea how to dance Gangnam Style.” They all seemed to be having a good time, and at the end of the day, that’s all that really matters.

Would you be able to dance like this without feeling foolish. Watch the great video and then give us your thoughts below!