Love The Look: Victoria Beckham In Bell Bottoms [PHOTOS]

Posh Goes Blond
One of Victoria Beckham's many 'dos.
The Beckham Girls
Eva Longoria holds on to Harper Beckham.
Harper Beckham In Dublin
The one-year-old walked into Brown Thomas!
Spice Girls!
The girls rock the Olympics closing ceremony.
Victoria Beckham looked hot-to-trot in a pair of bell bottoms today (October 22nd).  The mother of four was spotted leaving Industria Studios in New York City, sunglasses on, head down and pout present and accounted for.

Cheryl Cole recently wrote about her brief friendship with Beckham in her autobiography.  The two bonded at the 2006 World Cup in Germany, when Cole was married to ex-husband Ashley Cole, and the Beckhams were pre-Harper with their three boys.

Cole asked about the media scrutiny surrounding her weight, to which Posh responded, “When they say, I’m too thin, I just think: ‘You know what? I’m happy to be thin. I’m into fashion and I like being able to wear whatever I like. It’s my business, and if other people don’t like it, that’s their business.'”

Cole asked Beckham how she coped with the constant glare of the spotlight, and everyone’s opinions about her and David.  “How do I cope? I cope because I have to, because it’s the way my life is.

“I’m hardened to it. I know how I’m perceived is not how I am, and that’s what matters.”

Beckham posted a photo of a slap bracelet on Twitter today featuring her and daughter Harper Beckham.