Love It Or Hate It: Kelly Bensimon’s Fashion Week Outfit

Catty-Bratty-Cray-Cray Kelly Bensimon made her way to the Luca Luca show during Fashion Week at Lincoln Center in NYC today (September 9th) wearing a “Vibrant Flame” ensemble from J.Crew.  At first glance we thought it was a red silk jumpsuit, which would have looked badass on The Real Housewives Of New York City nutjob (Confession-we might detest the leggy bitch, but she looks great in just about anything).

It turns out Bensimon paired a silk blouse with cropped pants to let everyone know that yes, she has arrived and no, she doesn’t care if PETA throws a sh*tfit over her fur bag.

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Bensimon told Stylelist that her Fashion Week must-haves are mascara and Listerine strips.  Why?  “You’re sitting here and you’re just like ‘I have something weird in my mouth and I don’t know what it is,'” Bensimon explained.

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