Love It Or Hate It: Carmen Electra In Nicola Finetti

'Spider-Man' In Spain
Stone wore Dolce & Gabbana.
Carmen Electra attended the Los Angeles premiere of The Amazing Spider-Man in Westwood, California on June 28, 2012 wearing a floor-length Nicola Finetti gown.

To be blunt, the look is a bit of a wreck.  There are a lot of competing elements here. Shall we list them? We’ve got a drop-waist, a faux peplum ruffle, a color-block pattern that can only be considered 80’s referential, a nail color that so conveniently matches the hot pink snakeskin clutch, and those Neil Lane earrings…

The surprisingly understated hair and makeup delivered an attempted save, but in vain.  Aesthetic atrocities aside, this look is far too juvenile for the 40-year-old actress, even if she does have a franchise of aerobic striptease videos.

So, tell me, am I being too harsh? What do you think of Carmen Electra’s red carpet look?