LOVE IT: Blake Lively’s Sexy Tuxedo Dress At Noon By Noor [PHOTOS]

'Gossip Girl' Takes LA
Blake Live and Chace Crawford film in Venice, CA.
Wearing a white tuxedo jacket with black tights and pumps, Blake Lively worked her magic at the Noon by Noor presentation at Provocateur in New York City last night (February 15th).  Lively’s skin was sun-kissed, her lips were a glorious shade of pink and her ears were adorned with overzied earrings for the ‘do.

Lively recently obtained a restraining order against Sergei Mifle, a 24-year-old who’s lingered around the Gossip Girl set a bit too long.  According to TMZ, Mifle claims to have a “metaphysical” connection to the leggy actress.

Hey, it’s not all bad news for Lively.  She told People that Christian Louboutin recently dropped off his Spring collection at her apartment.  “My gosh, [it] was sent to my house, and they’re so beautiful,” she told the magazine.  “They’re amazing. I walked around my apartment wearing them!”