Love Is In The Air With Britney Spears & Her New Man David Lucado [PHOTOS]

Britney in a bikini!
Britney Spears & Jason Trawick enjoy fun in the sun.
Looks like things are still going well for Britney Spears and her newest manfriend, David Lucado.

The new couple was spotted in Los Angeles earlier today after doing a little shopping at their local grocery store. They even got in a little bit of couple hand-holding. Adorable!

Britney looked casual in a pink print shirt, leggings and those boots she’s a super fan of wearing. The hair on top of the hair is fine, but we’re more focused on the scab on the popstar’s chin. What do you think went on there? 

Maybe she got into a little scrape during her Easter vacation or her afternoon out in Malibu? The world may never know. What we do know is that Brit does seem very happy with her new man, and boy does she deserve it! I’m actually amazed she’s bounced back this quickly post-engagement split.

Only time will tell if that was a wise decision. Check out all the photos of the happy couple and their shopping cart pusher–I want once of those–in the gallery. Think they’ll make it work? Sound off in the comments!