Love Ashlee Simpson’s Outfit, Hate Her Pained Smile [PHOTOS]

Ashlee in Temperley London
Simpson at the season premiere of 'Boardwalk Empire.'
Last night in New York, Ashlee Simpson hosted the Samsung Galaxy S III event, attended by Holy Ghost’s Nick Millhiser and Alex Frankel.

Simpson wore red high-waisted leather shorts and the “Tink” mock smocked blouse from Alice + Olivia by Stacey Bendet.  We think she wears it very well (as she does with most red carpet looks), but what is with the strained smile?  It’s as if something is pulling her neck forward with a string while she’s doing her best to stand in place.

Wanna have a laugh?  Star Magazine claims that Ashlee is jealous of the attention Jessica Simpson is getting in her quest to lose the baby weight.  A “family friend” allegedly told the magazine that Ashlee “always had a chip on her shoulder about growing up in Jessica’s shadow,” then added, “But when [her son] Bronx was born, Ashlee felt like she had a leg up, because all eyes were on her.”

Well then!

“She doesn’t call, and she certainly doesn’t help Jessica,” continued the source, who added that Ashlee is pi-assed that Jessica “stole back” the spotlight. 

Living in the shadow!  Of someone else’s dream.  Trying to find a hand to hold, but every touch felt cold to me.

Gossip Cop put this story on the chopping block, confirming with those close to Jessica and Ashlee that it’s just not true.  “That’s hilarious,” said a friend.  “Ashlee and Jess are extremely close and were together all day on Jess’s birthday.”

Now on to more important matters.  Do you like Simpson’s look?  Vote Thumbs Up Or Thumbs Down below.