Lourdes Leon Makes A Pro Gay Fashion Statement [PHOTOS]

Madonna's Mouth
Miss Madge Has Some Opinions & Is Not Afraid To Share
Like mother, like daughter. Madonna has always been outspoken politically and it looks like she has passed on that voice to her 15-year-old daughter Lourdes Leon. According to The Sun, the teen’s t-shirt demands a repeal to Prop 8, which defined marriage as only “between a man and a woman . . . valid or recognized in California”. You go girl!

Seen here, Lourdes Leon wears a tank top reading “Legalize Gay, Repeal Prop 8 Now” to school in New York City on May 16th. However, that tee was the only admirable thing about her wardrobe. Lourdes also wore a pair of cut off hospital scrubs with multi-colored sneakers. And while we appreciate Lourdes support of a good cause, we hope that she finds a better ensemble to wear to the classroom. This political statement could be prompted by President Obama’s recent support of marriage equality as well as rapper Jay Z’s comments on the matter.