Louis Tomlinson Of One Direction Looks Exhausted While Preparing For Upcoming Doncaster Rovers Game

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One day Louis Tomlinson and I will both occupy the land of Doncaster in the northern part of England. Unfortunately for me, today is not that day.

We do, however, have the privilege of witnessing him practice for his upcoming football match.

In spite of how drained he looks, I’d say that’s a pretty good consolation prize, wouldn’t you?

For years, the One Direction hottie has been a fan of the Doncaster Rovers. Now he’s finally getting the opportunity to become a player for his favorite team.

The Donny Rovers have always held a special place in his heart. Speaking about the team and his experiences, he reflected back to when he was a small lad. “I’ve been a fan since I was a young boy, and used to go with my dad and grandad,” the singer explained.

Back in 2012, he played a charity match to raise funds for Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice. As expected, it was extremely successful. Last year, Tomlinson wasn’t as lucky while playing for charity. He suffered a small injury and ended up vomiting on the field. Hopefully this match ends more pleasantly for him.

His next game will tomorrow, where about 4000 people will be present to cheer him on. Be on the look out for number 28!

Fingers crossed that bandmate, Harry Styles, will be among the 4000. From prior games we all know he is the best cheerleader for his mate.

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