Louis Bullock Shows Off His Fall Fashion & Sad Face With Mommy [PHOTOS]

Sandra & Louis
Mom picked up the little guy from daycare.
Hey Louis Bullock! Why you so sad?

The tiny tot was not a happy camper this afternoon as mommy Sandra Bullock picked him up from school. Sandra can be seen consoling her little guy with kisses and hugs. We’re also assuming she’s promised to take him to their local hat shop to make him feel better.

Speaking of hats, look at Louis and his little newsboy cap! Even with a sad face, Louis is still one of the best dressed kids in Hollywood. Although I am a bit sad he’s not wearing his Buzz Lightyear costume all the time. So what do you guys think got Louis so down?

Maybe he wanted to have a playdate after school that couldn’t happen? Maybe he hurt himself? Maybe he wishes he was wearing his olive cap as opposed to his brown one? The possibilities are endless. Hey Louis! Don’t cry! You’re so cool!

Launch the gallery to check out all the cuteness that is Louis and mommy Sandra. What do you think of Louis’ fall outfit? Is he giving Skyler Berman a run for his money in the hat department? Sound off in the comments!