Louis Bullock, Delilah Del Toro & More Of The Cutest Celebrity Kids Of The Week

Fab Celebrity Kids
The most fashionable celebrity kids of 2012!
Honestly, I can’t even deal with the level of cuteness going on this week with celebrity kids.

All–well, most–of my favorites were out and about and being awesome. Honestly, if Suri Cruise had decided to make an appearance this week as well, I might have had to take nap from all the excitement.

Let’s chat about the cuties that we did see this week. Louis Bullock was out and about making some rather amazing faces. Do you remember when we saw him a little while ago walking around with mom, Sandra Bullock? Beyond cute. Also, I might have a new favorite celebrity baby. 

Delilah Del Toro. Daughter of Benicio Del Toro and Kimberly Stewart, the randomest one night stand in history. She is just so cute. I mean, look at her little dress and her little shoes and the face she’s making. I’m dying.

Launch the gallery to check out all the other cuties we spotted around town this week. Did you know that Marion and Tabitha Broderick are adorable? You will soon! Enjoy!