Louboutin’s Latest Creation

My first pair of designer shoes that didn’t hail from the knock-off land of Ebay or Payless were a pair of Christian Louboutin lace and satin pumps. He is known for being the man with red soles. The trademarked shoes with “sole” aren’t for the style shy.

Fabulous heels are on the back burner for now as he undertakes a new craft. After sitting in the rows of Boudicca’s first show last week, WWD reports that Christian is currently working on a script for a possible film. All he would reveal about his work is that, “it’s going to star an all-Chinese cast.”

I can just see Louboutin sitting amongst piles of shoe sketches in Paris as he sits rubbing his temples and dictating to a secretary. The poor girl is probably trying to decipher the meaning behind his plot of a Chinese warrior opting to drop out of ninja school to peddled shoes in Paris. Then again he might be the next J.K. Rowling and create a loveable character to make him billions.

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