Lots Of Girls Want A Baby From The Joe Jonas Nursery

Joe Jonas has been spotted as of late without his purity ring that he and his brothers were all about a while back. Could it be because of his girlfriend, Ms. Ashley Greene? I mean, if I was either of them, I would forget about purity too for the sake of the person I was dating. Check out he and his friend shopping in LA!

However, if there’s one form of birth control for teens that always works, it’s screaming babies. And being around lots of them. So I’m sure Joe took notice while he was visiting the Casa Grande Regional Medical Center on Tuesday, where a new nursery was being opened in his name.

Joe and his mother donated $10,000 to the hospital, where he was born, to help pay for bassinets and hospital equipment. You can check out the insanity of the fans who were there to see him and take the tour of where he was in the hospital after the jump!