“Lost” Creators Aren’t Going To Dick You Over Like “The Sopranos” Guy Did

I kid, I kid. David Chase is a televisual genius. But bitches were grumbling everywhere about how “The Sopranos” just kinda ended. We’re Americans, we need everything spelled out for us! The producers of “Lost” are assuring fans that they will have all your questions answered in the next 48 episodes. They have a definitive end to the saga, which is assisting them in this goal.

Speaking at a conference in New York Wednesday, executive producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof revealed that they recently held a writer’s “minicamp” to precisely plot out the show’s final 48 episodes.

Lost’s audience dipped after ABC decided to split the show’s third season into a six-episode run in the fall and a 16-episode stint in the spring with a long hiatus in between. Cuse and Lindelof met with network executives and decided to set an official expiration date for Lost to keep hard-core devotees invested in the storyline.

There will be mini-episodes available to Verizon Wireless users (f*ck you, corporate America) in the interim between seasons and starring the main cast. Normally,I could care less but the season finale was so damn rad that I’m actually going to start watching this mess regularly again. Plus, they killed off Charlie and I hated that bitch and his fake peanut butter and shitty band.