Lord Questlove Gets A Frightful Surpise On ‘Downton Sixbey’ [VIDEO]

God Bless the brilliant minds at studio 6b, who transformed the Rockefeller location into a home fit for aristocracy and the help.  In the second episode of Jimmy Fallon’s Downton Sixbey, Lord Questlove arrives for dinner as the next heir, as Carson Daly has gone missing following a tragic hot air balloon accident.

Lord Questlove brought along his mother, Lady Whoopi [Goldberg], whom the Dowager Countess (A.D. Miles) lunched with some years ago, deeming The View co-host a “slut.”  Fighting words indeed!

After getting a good shave from Thomas the card holder, Lady Hedith took to the drums in order to impress Lord Questlove.  While her set was impressive, what followed…was not.  Thankfully, the grandfather clock chimed and in walked – gasp – the heir apparent, Carson Daly, who pulled a Jimmy Fallon circa SNL.