Looks Like K-Fed’s Definitely The One Who Sicced The Social Workers On Britney

August 28th, 2007 // 24 Comments


More details are coming to light concerning the child abuse allegations against our poor little lamb. It’s been revealed that the L.A. County Department of Family and Children Services isn’t investigating any physical mistreatment of JJ and SPF. So Britney isn’t using the kids for skeet shooting, which is nice. The complaints being investigated involve the children’s dental hygiene and eating and sleeping habits. Because you know she’s rousing their asses from the crib when she gets home from the club. “Wake up, little guyz! Let Momma show you her new hickey! Yay!” As for who leveled these accusations, it doesn’t require a graphing calculator or a grant from MIT. It wasn’t me, and it wasn’t Bea Arthur.

Curiously, although DCFS keeps these allegations secret, they ended up in legal papers filed today by K-Fed’s attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, suggesting it might have been Fed-Ex himself who lodged the complaint.

Reports are also saying that the DCFS also received an anonymous complaint about Britney’s parenting that was filed on July 2. By K-Fed using a faux British accent. I don’t know if that last part’s true, but listening to a weedy scrub trying to do a British accent is probably the only fun part of this whole mess. She’s gonna lose those kids!


More photos of a busted Britney Spears are after the jump.


By J. Harvey

  1. Rob

    But is he any better? This is a guy who likes his weed, loud music and freeloading friends more than he likes his own family. Oops, EITHER of his families.

    SpongeFed-NoTalent obviously wants the kids for the large chunk of support he’ll receive from Slutney.

    As much as I abhor breaking up families, I’d suggest they find a pair of loving parent who will raise them properly and cut these two loser loose.

  2. T-Bone

    If dental issues, lack of sleep and poor eating can get you taken away from your parents, then most of the kids I know should have been confiscated and sent to foster care. WHATEVER!

  3. And again, none of this keeps her skank ass at home.

    The one day she was at home those babies were running around naked and having lit cigaretts shoved in their faces.

    Someone should take those kids! Kevin, Lynne, Son of Sam…Shitney sure as hell doesnt deserve them!

  4. Amanda

    Wow. Ok, never did I think I would come to the defense of K-Fed, but – he isn’t the one getting photographed partying ALL the time, and there aren’t countless stories about him showing up to places strung out, shaving his head and beating cars with umbrellas, and generally acting insanely erratically.

    It’s not a crime for a parent to go out and party SOMETIMES – he seems like he is emotionally stable WT, as opposed to our fallen Brit-Brit who is batshit crazy WT.

    That is all.

  5. Rob

    Come on Amanda, even Slutney gives White Trash a bad name.
    But you’re right, Fed-Up is much more cagey about his partying. I just wonder what’s going on at his house every night.

  6. T-Bone

    There’s no doubt that Brit Brit is a sh*tty mom and too immature for parenthood, but isn’t that the case with many young moms? Are we going to take kids away from all the partying mothers, who don’t make their kids floss? Because if that’s the case, we’re going to need about 3 million more foster homes. Add on the sh*tty young fathers out there, and we’re going to need even more than that.

    Pick you battles, people! Britney is a crappy mom. But the one thing she has that the rest of us didn’t have is a FULL TIME NANNY! These kids are probably loved and cared for, but their mom is a little wacko. As long as they’re cared for and have two decent parents who love them, they’re going to be just fine. Spend your time going after the mothers and fathers who are physically abusing and sexually abusing their children. NOW THAT’S a nobel cause!

  7. Simon

    at least SOMEONE is calling DCFS!!!

    It’s probably her parents or her sister, not K-Fed, as they are all working together.

    Say what you want about KFed, he’s hired good SMART people to guide him, he’s listening to them and most importantly, he’s following their instructions.

    If KFed were going out, the paps would’ve found him. If there was anything unkosher going on at his house, I have to think there would also be pics. Brit probably has a deal with X17 for pix of Kevin. They sooooo love her nasty ass. But if he’s not doing anything wrong, then there is nothing to photograph. I’m sure, god I’m so cynical, that he’s being told to lay low, extremely low. And he’s just smart enough to listen.

  8. he used her money to hire them

  9. …AND SHE used her money to buy Kevin. Your point?

    She is a shtty mother. End of story.

  10. jesse d

    Check on it, every single person talking smack about Britney won’t say a WORD of it under oath. They’re all just selling her out to the media, Kevin included. I know exactly what it’s like to be married to a vindictive, evil S.O.B., and believe me, there’s nothing they like better to do than stir up schit, even if it never leads anywhere. Compound her problems with those of an immature, self-centered child star, whose cut all ties with her soul-sucking money making machine, which btw is the only support system the girl has ever had. Lynn Spears should rot in hell with KFed. Leave Brit alone. She’s not the evil one. And like previous posters have said, it’s hilarious to think we’re condemning her for this behavior. Where was YOU raised ? LOL

  11. julie

    On another website, it says part of the allegations are that she gives the booze alcohol to keep them quiet and help them sleep longer. If this is true, well then. She should just move to Texas. In Texas, the law states that it is none of the ex spouses business what goes on in the other household. It would take A LOT (like setting your kids on fire or selling them on the internet) for the state to interfere. Plus, we could appreciate her trailer trash southern accent cheeto lovin ways. It just seems like if we are hearing about SOME of the stuff, you can bet there must be more we are not hearing for the courts and child protective services to be involved.

  12. Nanc'

    STILL sending a msg to Brit: Go home Girl! You’ve got money and you’ve had your fame. Take those kids (if it’s allowed) and go back to the Delta where you’ll live in a mansion with servants and spend your days watching your kids and grandkids and eating grits and sucking the heads of crawfish. There are much worse ways to end-up – and you’re looking at them right now.

  13. Amanda

    Hi “T-Bone.” Spare us the self-righteousness – you, too, are not only reading the same celebrity blog we are but you’re also participating in the “battle” rather than pursuing “nobel” causes.

    Moving on. When is Kitson gonna start selling t-shirts that say “Team Britney” or “Team K-Fed.”

  14. T-Bone

    Hey Amanda – Exactly WHAT THE F do you know about MY LIFE? Pretty much nothing! You have no idea what I do for a living and you have NO IDEA whether or not I fight battles for children who have been physically and/or sexually abused, so you might want to shut the f up. And if you think for ONE MINUTE that Britney is really that bad, honey, then you haven’t seen SH*T in the world! SHe’s a QUEEN compared to what some of us have seen!

    How stupid are you to assume that people out here only DO THIS???? Is this ALL YOU DO? Probably not. Suffice it to say that I think some of us are bright enough to actually comment on this website AND hold down meaningful careers.

  15. Amanda

    Hi, “T-Bone.” I love that you presume to know what I do, too! You seem like a peachy ray of sunshine! I hope in your real life, when you’re out working for “nobel” causes, you step down off your soapbox long enough to be effective. ‘Cause you’re certainly not getting it done while you’re trolling around a celebrity blog.

  16. T-Bone

    Thank you Amanda! Yeah — it’s just not possible for someone to be on a website AND have a successful, effective life. Tell that to the millions of people on the internet, watching television, and reading magazines.

    I was simply stating a fact…that if people feel Britney is really that awful, then they haven’t really seen awful.

    Oh, and by the way — YOU TOO are on this blog.

  17. RobD

    Hypocrite much Amanda? Your out here with the rest of us loser sleezeballs.

  18. Nanc'

    Good Lord! Listen, some of the people who love the celeb. blogs the most are people who have stressful jobs – military folks, cops, firefighters, nurses, EMTs, home caregivers, etc. – because these blogs give some respite from the nasty sh*t that they have to deal with on a daily basis.
    People reading blogs to deviate from the day’s stresses are the folks who need it most.
    Damn, there’s nothing wrong with reading/commenting on celeb blogs!
    Next time some cop/firefighter/EMT/nurse comes to your aid, HOPE that she/he has an outlet for the stress-like a celebrity blog – and not dope/booze. You never know with whom you are dealing with online.

  19. Nanc'

    “You never know with whom you are dealing WITH online.”
    My bad. English lesson for the day: Do not use “with” in a sentence that includes “with whom”.
    Carry on.

  20. Nanc'

    “You never know with whom you are dealing WITH online.”
    My bad. English lesson for the day: Do not use “with” in a sentence that includes “with whom”.
    Carry on.

    p.s. And I forgot to include Coast Guard personnel in my original post! God love ‘em! They are no longer “military” but are HEROES.

  21. Zekers

    Hey Nanc’,
    You make sense to me!!!
    I come here to laugh and forget for awhile. It helps!

    As to the post: there’s still a huge stigma attached to mental illness. We’ve come a long way from the times of believing that the mentally ill were “possessed” but, we have a long way to go. Like someone commented earlier, mental illness doesn’t discriminate. Owen has lots of money but I’m sure this fact isn’t all that relevant to him since he feels like shit all of the time. I hope he finds his way…

  22. Zekers

    Apparently too early for me…posted about Owen Wilson in a K-Fed post…oops!
    The first part still applies though…

  23. Jen#2

    Britney isn’t as bad as the media portrays her, everyone with two brain cells should know that the media twists things around to make more money.

    That doesn’t mean I think she’s a great mom, but her and kevin are on the same level without a doubt, he’s just listening to his people and she’s not.

    If he gets custody, he will be back to his old ways of ignoring his family and partying all the time.

    She might be a dumb hick (with good intentions mostly) but he’s a minipulating asshole and his motive is greed.

  24. T-Bone

    Funny Zekers :)

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