Looks Like Everybody’s In Trouble

With the fallout over Mel Gibson’s potty mouth episode seeming to cool down a bit, it now looks like the cop who arrested him is facing some problems of his own. Page Six of the New York Post has the details:

The L.A. sheriff’s deputy who busted the star for DUI says his bosses are harassing him over suspicions he leaked his arrest report to the media. Deputy James Mee says that he was transferred to another assignment and grilled for hours and that his home computer and phone records were seized after the arrest six months ago.

And all of this continued drama just leads me to the conclusion that Mel Gibson needs a blog. A blog where he can get drunk, boozily type his angry, distorted views (a la Rosie and the Donald) without anyone getting hurt. Hell, that’s how I keep my ass from getting arrested.

MEL COP PROBED [Page Six | New York Post]

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