Looking Like ‘The Situation’ Will Most Likely Give You Cancer

April 21st, 2010 // 3 Comments

In news that keeps validating what we already know but refuse to confront – tanning is bad for you. More specifically, some scientists are saying that tanning is considered an addiction, much like that of alcohol and drugs. Isn’t anything bad you can’t stop doing, considered an addiction? I’d say so. Which is why we all like the Jersey Shore. They’re copious abuse of anything bad for you allows us to live vicariously through them, so we ourselves don’t have to get cancer. Just look at the photos – if you skin each cast mate, you’ll like get some fantastic leather bags.

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By Bailey Edwards

  1. name

    oh nooo!! nt u too, ur website has been taking over by shyte celebbuzz……we used to come to ur website coz u were a real gossip website now ur just another celeb follower!! anyways…theres always idontlikeyouinthatway.com

    guess i wont be coming bck here like i stiopped with justjared too

  2. nadia

    You need to either change your background or the color of your text. It’s damned near impossible to read what has been written by the contributors.

  3. anonymous

    Why is the media following these brainless thugs around. Lets not forget that their claim of fame is getting drunk, fighting, having sex with anyone, and getting slapped around by other drunk scum. Honestly, I am sick of turning to this website to see what the low-lives are up to. This is ludicrous! their 2 minutes of fame are done. Enough!!!

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