Look Out Heidi Montag, Katie Price Can Sing Worse Than You!

Heidi Montag announced a week or so ago that she was going to be recording a new album this summer, as if her first P.O.S. album wasn’t enough. Well, the UK version of Heidi Montag basically is Katie Price – sometimes known as Jordan – who openly admits that she can’t sing, but says this while promoting her new song “Free To Love Again.”

Confused? Us too. Writing on her Twitter page today, the mother-of-three said, “I’m not the best singer but having so much fun doing it.” See her hocking her baby wear in the gallery below!

Sadly, you never hear rock climbers make the same kind of statement. Unfortunately Katie’s fun is torture for the rest of humanity. I plan on calling Amnesty International this afternoon to have this nonsense of hers stopped immediately – if you must hear the clip, find it after the jump. Ugh.