Look, It’s George Clooney

December 14th, 2005 // 3 Comments

George has had a good couple of days. Good Night, and Good Luck is up for Best Drama at the Golden Globes, while George is up for best director for the film. Plus the National Board of Review picked the film as the years best. It kind of makes all that weight gain for Syriana trivial, doesn’t it?

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. bunny

    Holy hell, he looks old and haggard in that b&w shot. I mean, I’d still do him. I’m just saying.

  2. Jenra

    I don’t care how old he is he’s still hot! He’s also one of the few movie stars that actually acts and looks like one! He’s a class act!

  3. cruella_deville

    I had the greatest erotic dream about him the other night…..mmmmmmmmm

    I’m just saying….HE’s HOT!!!

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