Look For a Starless Golden Globes

January 5th, 2008 // 5 Comments

Don’t look for Ryan Gosling to grace the red carpet at this year’s Golden Globe Awards, or any other celebrity for that matter. The Golden Globes are pretty much going to be celebrity free, unless you call Golden Globe girl Rumer Willis a celebrity.

Golden Globe-nominated actors are expected to snub the awards in support of striking Hollywood writers, the actors union said Friday, jeopardizing one of the entertainment industry’s signature showcases.

NBC, however, said it was sticking by its plans to air the Jan. 13 ceremony, despite the uncertainty about how much — if any — star power the Globes could muster. “The network plans to move forward with the broadcast at this point,” NBC spokeswoman Rebecca Marks said, adding that it has yet to be determined which actors will participate.

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By Michael Prieve

  1. That would suck so much! I can’t imagine the Golden Globes (or any other award ceremony) without any actors!

  2. Dianne

    Why would they even air this? It’s ridiculous.

  3. Wish Granted!

    Oh, please, everybody tunes in for the red carpet pre-show, anyway. But nobody’s showing up.

    Might be time to settle the strike.

  4. devil

    It looks like the GG producers are laying a bet that some attention-desperate celebs will cave in and show up anyway. If only a handful cross the picket line, they WILL get attention. In this business, getting noticed for any reason is all that matters to some.

    Maybe Britney will show up now that she’s been released from the hospital and has no childcare duties right now? THAT would be worth watching!

  5. sienna


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