Look There! The 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony [PHOTOS]

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Athletes Prepare For The Big Games, Show Off Hot Bodies
Currently watching the 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony in London and it is a spectacle.  From the opening sequence to Her Majesty’s entrance, it has been a wonderful show,thus far.  Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle translated his vision to the world stage, with a little help from 2012 Olympics chairman, Lord Sebastian Coe.

“The sensibility of the show is very personal,” Boyle said, according to the Guardian. “We had no agenda other than values we feel are true. Not everybody will love that but everyone will recognise it’s true. There’s no bullsh*t in it and there’s no point-making either.

We started under a Labour government, now a Conservative [led] government,” he said. “Seb has protected us from any kind of interference. We have been allowed to express ourselves.  It’s the instinct of any government to say we must have this, we must say this. Not everyone is going to like it and not everyone is going to join in. We wanted it to make it accessible to everyone but not be bland.” 

As I’m writing this, we’re only an hour into the show, and so far it’s incredible.  We simply cannot wait for Americans to tune in tonight at 7:30 ET.  Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is in a pale blue Christopher Kane coat, the same look she wore earlier in the day at Buckingham Palace to greet foreign dignitaries (thanks to Mark Stewart for tweeting this information).

Go World!