LOL. Phil Dunphy Makes Stomachs Hurt With Laughter. 13 Of His Funniest Quotes [PHOTOS]

Sofia Vergara
The star shot the commercial back in August.
Ty Burrell, or maybe better known as Phil Dunphy on Modern Family, is “rolling on the floor laughing” funny. Is he even that funny in real life? Who cares. He makes us laugh, and that’s all that matters.

His effortless, and oftentimes oblivious, attempts to have audiences roaring with laughter (or at least crack a smile) are what makes Phil such a “cool dad.” There’s never a dull moment in every 30 minutes of Modern Family.

Although the rest of the cast completes the circle of knee slappers, many would concur that Phil leads the pack. What do you think? Launch the gallery and let us know which Phil Dunphy quote is your fave!

Hahaha. Phil, you crack me up!