LOL! Anne Hathaway Spoofs Claire Danes And ‘Homeland’ On ‘SNL’ [VIDEO]

Anne Hathaway's Wedding
Anne Hathaway marries Adam Shulman!
The Homeland sketch on Saturday Night Live this past Saturday night (November 10, 2012) was one of the highlights during a wildly uneven show. Anne Hathaway nailed Claire Danes’ crying face.

Anne donned a blonde wig to poke fun at Homeland star Claire Danes in a skit for Saturday Night Live.

Bill Hader’s Saul tried to convince Carrie’s boss David, played by Keenan Thompson, that Carrie should do the interrogation, saying, “She’s only let me down every time I’ve trusted her, give me one reason not to trust her again.” However, everything she did only proved otherwise as she was seen getting obsessed with her corkboard and making out with a suspect in an interrogation room.

Two other highlights from the episode are below as well – Anne does Katie Holmes and she appears in the bizarre Mokiki skit. 

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