LOL! 10 Of The Funniest And Most Random Ellen DeGeneres Quotes [PHOTOS]

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Ellen DeGeneres is beyond funny. She is LOL, ROFL, LMAO funny! I love this woman like no other and if I could, I’d adopt her as my aunt in a second. Wouldn’t you?

Her effortless nature of making people laugh and her hilarious practical jokes are priceless. She’s not only lighthearted and makes a great situation out of anything, but she also puts on a great talk show!

The cool thing about her is that her fame and fortune doesn’t phase her. She’s constantly giving, whether it’s to the audience members on her show, or to charities. SOCIALITE’S other favorite celebrities like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez seem to love her too!

Just recently, she played around with a bunch of her talk show guests by sending them through her haunted hallway for Halloween. (Check out the video below.)

We should just all gather and have a laughing party! Launch the gallery for 10 of the funniest things that has come out of Ellen’s mouth. You will die of laughter!